About US

Create bridges between digital universes

We are proudly part of the Animoca Brands family, the mother company of some of the greatest successes in the gaming Web3 space (Phantom Galaxies, Axie Infinity and The Sandbox among others). With this merge, we are hoping to open doors into different metaverses, and to allow players to freely travel between them, keeping the elements of the IPs they love.Animoca Brands will also assist our team with fast-track development and publishing of products for the Web3 space.

Subsidiary of Animoca Brands

Our vision

Not everyone wants to be the hero.

We want to offer our players the possibility to really choose the kind of experiences they want to live. 

Our collective mission is to pioneer a new genre of game, the Play&Earn MMO, giving our community every tool to live meaningful and impactful adventures. 

Our secret sauce

Modern game development

We pride ourselves on our unique technical excellence, data driven approach and agility. In developing and publishing, we leverage state-on-the-art tools and technologies. Our development process  focuses on quick iterations and empowers our crew.

Each team member can impact the global development with their vision, ambitions and willing to create!

We believe that the perfect experience is created by the convergence of all the skills, mindsets and experiences brought by the highly competent people working on it.

Our Values

Games that connect people

We have a passion for multiplayer, ambitious online games that are safe and inclusive. Our mission is to create less violent, meaningful experiences that bring people together in a social entertainment space to live their online existence in a shared metaverse.

Our friendly, device-agnostic games are meant to be accessible to all - a space where high-skilled, experienced players and beginners can play together in harmony. They are easily adaptable to our players’ schedule, allowing for short bursts of play or hour-long sessions.

We advocate for the positive power of video games to create and foster deep and lasting friendships. We also believe that we are only just discovering what is possible in this medium, and we invite all fellow believers to explore and build together.

Our game

Life Beyond

Our metaverse is the first Play&Earn MMO powered by web3 and blockchain technologies.

Life Beyond will empower players both on an individual level via their own play choices as well as collectively by making critical decisions on the future direction of the game. The society of Life Beyond will evolve according to the choices, user generated creations, and behaviors of its players.

Who we are

MeeT THE team

Life Beyond Studios is where art, design, technology and business unite to create open, connected multiplayer worlds that reach beyond entertainment. Our team, just like the experience we strive to make, is a cooperative venture that exists between company and community.

There is great strength in diversity, both in the immeasurable value it adds to the success of a team, and in creating the best possible games for our global player base. Our talent palette is spread across 18 cities in Europe, Asia and Canada.

Meet some members of the team.